Performance Enhancement Partnership

Using a free form interview process, a dialogue about current opportunity, concerns, structure, key players, growth plans and deterrents ensued. From this discussion the key factors identified will be matched with best practices and recommendations designed to raise your organization to the next level.

Leadership Development

Develop management teams skills in Leadership, Sales, and Operations. This includes succession planning, career development, and building a leadership team to help you to profitably grow your business.

Strategic and Operating Plan Development

"If you don’t know where you are going, it does not matter which road you take". We work together to formulate the direction you want to go. Then we offer practices and proven solutions to help develop the offerings, tools, and structure needed to get there.

Team Building

How to develop a high performing team. We help you measure where your team is today and where it could be. Then we help you get there. The training is focused on interaction, direction, and accountability.

Sales and Sales Leadership Training

Sales is a repeatable process that you can forecast. Sales Management is an art/science that is a prerequisite to investing in utilizing a sales process. We can help you drive your sales productivity to new levels in a short period of time, no matter the state of the economy.

Service Business Development

Build your service company into a world class business. Whether you are a two million dollar service company trying to break the barrier to three million or a fifteen million dollar company with the desire to get to thirty, we can help you. We can also help you take your business in new directions. Want to branch out into the service business? Daimler can show you how to succeed.

Personal Profiling

Talent evaluation and recommendations. Are you hiring the right people? Can they do what you want and need them to do? Will they do what you want and need them to do? We help you understand the difference, hire the best, and then make sure that you drive the performance that you need.

Driving Process and Profitability Tools

We bring Fortune 100 knowledge configured to your business.