Damuth - Trane


One of our corporate objectives at Damuth Trane is to field the best team in our industry. Finding talented individuals in our technical field is hard enough; but getting talented individuals to work together and complement each other had been hard for us to achieve. 
Daimler Management Services worked closely with our senior leadership group and has enabled us to work as one. Bill Bernick and his staff not only know our business, they understand human dynamics. Their six month leadership/teambuilding program has made a permanent change for the better in our leadership effectiveness. Bill and his team have the tools and techniques to bring out the best in people.
It can be lonely at the top...leaders can't do it all themselves in a complex organization. The personal coaching that my leadership team and I have received through our work with Daimler has improved our perspective and effectiveness. As a result, I feel more confident about our organization's ability to thrive in a changing business environment. Additionally, our team has become more accountable to each other, and is more committed to our organization's success.


           Clint Damuth 
           Damuth Trane


Florida Mechanical 

Bill Bernick has supplied our company with his intimate knowledge of the HVAC industry. Without Bills help we would not have been able to enter the Service Business in an economic time where Service is the only available solution for the contracting business. Bill and his partners work with our team to build better business relationships and provides us with an insight a normal contractor would not have. Bill has also supplied us with “Racer” for our estimating and proposals of Service Business. We have been most satisfied with the services Daimler Management gives us and appreciate the relationships we have built with their group.

                Ken Morgan
                Florida Mechanical LLC